NEKTAR at NEARfest 2002


NEARfest stage setup, Patriot's Theater, Trenton NJ War Memorial June 28, 2002

Mo, Roye and Taff at rehearsal

Roye and Mick

Pete Lango (crew), Ron and Scott (percussion/vocals)

Former road manager Ken Sander and Tommi Jung (crew)

Load out after rehearsals

Paul Higgins and Vinnie Schmid (Nektar crew) waiting backstage June 29, 2002

Backstage food before the show June 29, 2002

Robert Frazza (sound crew) on loan from the Tony Levin Band

Onstage view from my synthesizer position

Mo and former Passport Records President Marty Scott

NEARfest Audience at the show June 29, 2002

Nektar fans collecting on the steps of the War Memorial in matching Remember The Future T-shirts for a photo shoot June 30, 2002.

From the "things we saw at the show" files. Bruce Carlson's tattoo; photo by Roger Carlson.


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