Sound Choice offers an optional SC-360 Circular Emitter Disk which transmits in a radial 360° pattern to cover courtrooms, conference tables and hearings where the participants are seated facing each other. The Emitter Disk can be mounted on either a flexible 5 inch gooseneck or a shorter 2 inch stalk for situations where height isn't as important or desired. The SC-360 Circular Emitter Disk will transmit within a 20 to 25 foot radius filling in areas of the room where the powerful main infrared beam is not directed. Even when the optional SC-360 Circular Emitter Disk is attached, the main beam of the SC-186K continues to transmit as well.

The SC-360 Circular Emitter Disk measures 2 1/4 inches in diameter and 3/4 inches in height. an RCA jack on the underside provides mechanical and electrical connection via either the gooseneck or the the shorter adaptor to the the BNC connector on the model SC-186K top plate. The SC-360 is machined out of black plexiglass.

The 12 small infrared LEDs are mounted in reflective collars. Unless otherwise specified, the SC-360 Circular Emitter Disk ships with black reflective LED mounting collars and the shorter 2 inch BNC to RCA adaptor. Available at the same price by request at the time of ordering are the 5 inch gooseneck adaptor and/or chrome LED mounting collars.

The 5 inch gooseneck is often preferable when using the SC-186K on a conference table where the additional height above the clutter on the table will help performance. The shorter adaptor is often more at home in the dignified setting of a court room or government hearing.

The black reflective IR LED collars are sufficient in most applications. The chrome reflectors can be helpful in some settings when the small amount of extra reflected light that they can capture will make a slight difference in transmitting coverage. The tradeoff is that the glistening chrome is found to be aesthetically distracting in some settings. Please discuss your needs with a Sound Choice representative to select the best combination for your needs.

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