The SC-RMS is a hand-held, wired remote control which enables the Sound Choice SC-186K infrared audio transmitter or an SPX-1 splitter/mixer equipped with an optional remote jack to be silenced at will. This allows the audio feed to to be muted during judicial sidebars, or other private and sensitive discussions, where the microphone and high-gain preamps would normally transmit these conversations to users of the assistive listening system.

Since the infrared carrier must remain on at all times to prevent full-volume white noise from being heard in the receivers, the only alternative is to mute the audio within the devices before modulating the carrier. Sound Choice models have this muting circuitry built in, but require the SC-RMS in order to activate the feature remotely.

The SC-RMS is connected with an included 10 foot detachable cord. A 4 pin mini-DIN connector attaches to the audio devices and a 3 conductor 1/8 inch phone plug attaches to the hand-held remote. Longer cords are available by special order.

To operate, simply plug in the cable. The yellow indicator on the SC-RMS will light up to verify proper connection whenever the power is on. To mute the audio, press the red button once. The audio will be silenced and the yellow indicator will blink as long as the system is muted. To cancel the mute, press the red button again. When the indicator returns to an unblinking state, the sound is back to normal.

The SC-RMS uses safe low-voltage CMOS switching circuitry contained internally and powered from the main unit via the cable. No batteries are needed.

The unit measures 4 3/8 inches x 2 3/8 inches wide x 7/8 inches thick and is made of high impact black ABS plastic. Ultra-flexible Mogami cable is used for the connection.

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