PETER GABRIEL 3 (album 1979, tour 1980)

Photos from Larry Fast's archives of Peter Gabriel's albums and tours as featured on the remastered reissues of the albums, 2002.


Jerry Marotta, Peter and John Giblin cutting rhythm tracks in the barn at Ashcombe farm, summer 1979. The control room was in the Manor Mobile truck parked outside.

David Rhodes overdubbing guitars in the mobile truck.

Part of my synthesizer setup in the mobile truck: Minimoog, Oberheims, 360 Systems Frequency Shifter, outboard rack, Moog modular.

Kate Bush and Peter at the Townhouse Studio B, London.

Peter with the Radio Shack $9.95 transistor amplifier which was used to process some of the audio; gritty aggressive sounds. Hugh Padgham (engineer) and Steve Lillywhite (producer). In this picture: Hugh Padghm, studio assistant Nick Thomas, Peter.

The studio mascot; a sacrificial microphone pop filter on top of the digital stopwatch. The desk is an SSL 4000B at the Townhouse, one of the first SSLs installed anywhere.

Possible cover photo art submitted by Hipgnosis.

Peter trying to decide which image will be used.

Back to Ashcombe for pre-tour rehearsals, February 1980.

Production rehearsals, with sound and lights were held at Shepperton film studios. A big, unheated movie soundstage gets pretty cold in the English winter.

The view from behind the stage at soundcheck for a show at Sheffield City Hall in northern England (confirmed by s.p.robinson, Feb. 17, 2004)

The boiler suites we wore onstage when they were still new and black.
Peter's manager Gail Colson checking out the food.

Tour passes for 1980.

Yes, the 1980 tour was called "China 1984". (Don't ask.) This was the tour program book cover.

Set list from February 20, 1980 (Exeter University, UK). The song listed as FMR was "Family Snapshot; FMR had been the working title. Notice how early "Milgram's 37" was in the set. It wouldn't appear on a record until "So" in 1986, though it was recorded for PG3 in 1979. The numbers are the stored synth patch numbers on the Prophet 5 synthesizer. I stored "Milgram's" in the appropriate memory slot #37.

Marquis outside of the Hammersmith Odeon, London, March 11, 12, 13, 1980. Opening act Random Hold was David Rhode's old band. He joined the Peter Gabriel band for the next tour.

Backstage Cardiff, Wales March 7, 1980. Peter had a bad cold and was trying to get his voice in shape for the show (it worked).

Central Park, New York City, July 7, 1980.

Tony Levin with the audience and synths in his eyes. Central Park July 7, 1980.

Cleveland Ohio June 27, 1980.

(bonus picture) Fresnel lens tryout; Stockholm, August 30, 1980.


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