PETER GABRIEL 4 "SECURITY" (album 1981, tour 1982-1983)

Photos from Larry Fast's archives of Peter Gabriel's albums and tours as featured on the remastered reissues of the albums, 2002.  

Ashcombe House, the Peter Gabriel studio residence and sometimes Gabriel family home from 1978 through 1987 (when the operation moved to Real World in Box). PG4 (called "Security" in some territories) as well as the earlier PG3, the mix of "Plays Live" and "So" were all recorded in the converted stone barn down the hill from the house (not shown).

Peter in the Ashcombe barn studio control room with two Prophet 5 synthesizers (a Rev 1 and a Rev 3) and the first model Linn Dum, the LM1.

David Rhodes doing guitar overdubs in the control room.

Tony Levin overdubbing parts in the control room. Notice the tape on Tony's toe which is connecting Tony to a ground wire so that his bass and pedalboard won't buzz at 50 Hz. Ashcombe always had some power weirdness compared to big city studios.

Ekome, the West Indian/African rhythm and dance troupe recording the drum ensemble section of "Rhythm of the Heat" , September 1981.

More of Ekome at Ashcombe studio.


Peter in the studio with Ekome.

(bonus picture). This is what happens to 2 inch recording tape when you have too many song takes.

After a few months too many in the studio, this is what Peter looked like.

David Lord (producer/engineer), Shankar and Peter in the control room, autumn 1981.

Touring for the album began unofficially with a performance at the first WOMAD festival in the summer of 1982. Here are Peter and Ekome rehearsing at Shepton Mallet July 14, 1982, two days before the show. Stuart Copeland is playing drums, John Giblin (PG3) on bass.

Tour patch for the 1982-1983 tour called "Playtime 1988" (don't ask...)


Tony Levin's other face.

Peter upside down on the (Shock The) Monkey bars using "antigravity" hook-on boots during a soundcheck.

The tour underway, David Rhodes practicing backstage, autumn 1982.

Stretching before the show. That's tour choreographic advisor Laura Dean in the lower left of the shot.

The band with the drums before the audience walk-in that started the shows, State University of NY, Stonybrook, Long Island, NY October 30, 1982.

Flying to upstate New York; Utica NY, November 2, 1982.

The band carried a lot of luggage. Here's the poor guy who got stuck with our stuff at one airport in the midwest.

Backstage before the show, San Jose, CA, December 19, 1982 (Last show of the 1982 tour leg.)

Phil Collins visiting backstage at the Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, December 15, 1982. Phil played the same venue a few days later.


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