PETER GABRIEL 2 (album 1978, tour 1978)

Photos from Larry Fast's archives of Peter Gabriel's albums and tours as featured on the remastered reissues of the albums, 2002.


Peter recording vocals at the Hit Factory, New York during the sessions for PG2, winter 1978

(bonus picture) Peter and producer Robert Fripp in a publicity still at the Hit Factory later sent out as a postcard by Atlantic Records. Robert didn't like having photos taken of him in the studio so I didn't take any. I never saw them work like this--must have been a posed shot.

(This promo photo was not shot by Larry Fast., courtesy Atlantic Records, NY)

Tour production rehearsals, Oxford, fall 1978. That's Peter perfecting his aerial moves on the ladder.

(bonus picture) Backstage passes during the December 1978 tour leg.

(bonus picture) D.I.Y. buttons to promote the single.

Onstage in France

More in France; probably near the end of the show.

(bonus picture) France again, during "Mother of Violence". I didn't start playing the piano part on this song until the next tour, so this was a good time for me to take pictures.

Cake backstage.

Broadcast of a TV show in Paris taped earlier in the day. I didn't usually get to be in my own photos. Peter, Sid McGinnis and me.

Peter playing around with a Stratocaster backstage.

Day off in Copenhagen, fall 1978. Tony Levin, Sid McGinnis, Richard Macphail.

Internal French commuter flight; off to the next show.

Day off (no show that day) in London recording at Trident Studios. These were actually the first sessions for what would later become PG3. Peter, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta and Sid McGinnis recording "I Don't Remember"--Tony playing stick.

This was also the day of The Great French Fry Race.


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